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a cakery & culinary studio in upstate new york
connecting people through food

Grab a drink. Pull up a chair. Welcome to the Upstate Table. 

Because human connection is more important than ever, we find there is no substitution for the experience of a meal around a table, exchanging ideas and creative thoughts. 

Good things happen. Connections are made.

We invite you to join us at the table in our Kingston, NY, culinary studio.

Attending one of our workshops is like visiting good friends upstate, cooking or crafting with them, meeting a few of their neighbors, and enjoying a great meal together!​

If you're not in the Catskills, or even New York for that matter, we’d still love you to join in our conversation. We’re talking about food—delicious ways to prepare it, and gathering friends and family to savor it. To see what we're cooking up at the moment, head to our online journal.

And if you're interested in getting updates about what's happening in our space,

sign up for our newsletter and please be sure to follow us on Instagram.

We welcome your thoughts and input, so please feel free to get in touch at any time.

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