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come cook with us

We offer cooking workshops and collaborative events that are inspired by our love of a delicious meal, our community, and area farms, makers and their goods.


Our goal is to provide an inviting milieu where home cooks of all races, colors, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities feel comfortable exploring new foods and ideas.


Our pantry is a global one, and we aim to support all cultures and flavors, sharing our experiences and encouraging you to share yours. It is with the warmest hospitality we welcome you to our studio. 


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we are a food-focused space created
to celebrate upstate living 

Cooking Workshops

cooking workshops

The primary goal of our workshops is to gather and cook together, using seasonal foods to create flavor-filled meals that nourish and satisfy. We believe the act of preparing food is a deliberate, caring one, and we want to empower you to make delicious, beautiful food without the intimidation of complicated recipes but rather by learning techniques such as fermentation, bread making, cake decorating, and more.


We are here to guide you as you learn and explore with food while cultivating new skills—and most importantly, having fun! 

Our hands-on classes range from ninety minutes to two days, and include both adult, kid, and family sessions. We also offer small-scale team building and corporate events. If you are looking for a private workshop, inquire about setting something up.


THe Kids' Table

We encourage a passion for food creativity starting at a young age, offering specialized pod workshops for groups in addition to our public classes. From learning to cook a family dinner to decorating cupcakes, kids will develop skills in the kitchen while getting excited about food, where it comes from, and the community it fosters. Check out our menu for offerings and pricing. 

In-Studio Events

in-studio collabs

In addition to cooking workshops, we host collaborative events featuring authors, artists, purveyors and more. From paper-flower making to cookbook signings, we offer opportunities for you to learn from our favorite makers and creators in an inclusive, exploratory environment.

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